by Malavika Sahai

At home we get to be our true selves, alone in our bedrooms we can laugh the hardest, cry the loudest, and daydream for hours on end without external judgment. For women who record music at home, in isolation, the empowered private space allows for a unique set of circumstances in which the male gaze no longer dictates direct power over their art.


by Catherine Chen

For thirty minutes he follows me. I’d been sitting in a park, reading Bernadette Mayer. “My theoretically recipient pussy (I take that back),” she says, just as a man stops to ask what I’m doing. When I do not answer, as I repeat to myself “I take that back,” he offers me his phone number, then to take me to Mcdonald’s, and then home.

The Girl and the Apple

by Jasmine Kabale Moore

Marjorie got the feeling that she was missing orbs of worlds fly past as she listened to Victoria. The rays of an alien sun ebbed into the stale air in their craft. It was so lovely to be in this corner.  In the nuance that lives in the little places



by Sasha Isaac

Five years ago my grandfather on my mother’s side was diagnosed with cancer. Four years later he passed away. Three months after the fact and two months after the funeral, my mother located a small lump in her breast. A month later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Five Spaces in One Year

by Elodie St Louis

Spaces are always ridden with memory, meaning. I trace my steps inside rooms in order to remember. Feeling as matter, my body occupying in order to discover. There’s the boy I wanted to sit still with. There’s the space between us, unfulfilled.

Women Capturing Women: In Conversation W/ Tyra Mitchell

by Fabiola Ching

"I’m seeing a lot more girl creatives these days but I used to be like “Damn, where are they?” and now you can really see them. So now my part is showing girls of colour and pushing girls of colour."


To Be Born/To Be Wanted: Poems by Jamie Berrout

by Jamie Berrout

So strange to be wanted without being asked first to die. It melts me down and I am a scalding hot soup with no walls. I am curving my neck to be sipped at. 

We Got Lost in the Museum

by Nic

We spent two hours in the Portrait Gallery with glitter and lip gloss on our eyelids.


by Fabiola Ching

For our next installment of series of interviews with women doing work for women we talked to Samera Paz, a photographer, editor, and curator. Through creating movements such as Girlpower Meet-ups, she’s dedicating her work towards making spaces for girls and women, especially in the Washington D.C area.